The Basics of Enamel Cast Iron Cookware

Cast iron and enamel cast iron cookware are two types of cast iron made cooking utensils. The more popular of the two is enamel cast iron cookware while the former is usually left to age and turn into a historic piece of cast iron cooking utensil. The convenient fact is that enamel cast iron cookware does not rust quickly plus cleaning it is less challenging. Most enamel cast iron cookware users believe that there are health benefits to using this cookware. It’s All in the Coating Enamel cast iron cookware is simply bare cast iron cookware only it is coated with a glaze of material made of porcelain enamel. The material is heated into the metal pots and pans. This method has been used since the 1880s and is still being applied by chefs and cooks at present.

Washing this kind of cookware is effortless and you can even use the usual soap and water without even thinking of what you’ve cooked in the pan. Although enamel cast iron cookware is still the term used, not much of it is actually made of iron. Most of the time, a mixture of metal alloys are added. The reason behind this is for health concerns and also to make the cookware lighter and handier. While the safe human dosage for iron is minimal, an overdose of iron can be dangerous. Users of enamel cast iron cookware believe that using this type of cookware can add more iron to your food compared to its bare cast iron counterpart. Investing in Enamel Cast Iron Cookware A well known fact is that enamel cast iron cookware costs more than any type of cookware you’ll ever encounter.

After all the process of creating this type of cookware is more complex than the usual cookware you find anywhere. But if you want to get a good deal on an enamel cast iron cookware, you can purchase them in separately than purchasing a whole set. You will just have to make do with your pots and pans not matching. You can consider visiting auction sites like eBay but the shipping costs can be expensive. Even if bare cast iron is just as heavy, the cost of shipping is still more costly. Enamel cast iron cookware is a great long term investment, with the right care. Allowing the pot or the pan to cool off first before cleaning them is advisable or else the sudden change in temperature can distort the cookware. To avoid scratching your cookware, use soft sponges or washcloth to clean it.

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