Classroom Decoration Ideas: Dos & Don’ts

The classroom environment is a third teacher, and a positive classroom environment is essential to supporting learning. Kindergarten classroom decorations are essential to provide a stimulating learning environment for toddlers. Decorations impact toddlers, and the layout of the preschool classroom has a good impact on them. Therefore, schools in Chennai ( are getting used to this trend, and teachers enjoy decorating their classroom walls. Read more here to learn about various classroom decorating tips and ideas.

Dos And Don’ts Of Decorating Classrooms

Researchers found that students benefit most from classrooms with decorated walls but should be left unobstructed. There are certain dos and don’ts of preschool classroom decoration. The dos are:

  • To achieve greater success in your classroom, allow for the entry of natural light.
  • Children with learning disabilities or adverse experiences are more likely to need classroom distractions.
  • Recent studies have revealed that classroom walls should be warm and lively but not overcrowded.
  • The decorations in the classroom should not obscure the windows as they will give a claustrophobic feel without any ventilation.
  • It will make the classroom appear larger and brighter.
  • It is possible to change the decorations in preschool classrooms throughout the year, making kids feel happy and looking forward to the change.
  • Decorating your classroom is an opportunity to share your educational vision with your students and learn more about their interests, learning goals, and needs.

The don’ts include:

  • Teachers may enjoy decorating their classroom walls, but young children may not respond in the way teachers expect.
  • According to a new study, heavily decorated classrooms can interfere with students’ learning ability because they overwhelm them with too much visual information.
  • Decoration in the classroom is a popular trend, but it can distract children and adults from paying attention to the details.

A kindergarten place where some kid books, toys, pillows, wooden table, kids friendly posters and banners can be seen.

Classroom Decoration Tips & Ideas for Teachers Suggested By Best CBSE Schools In Chennai For 11Th And 12Th

Decorate your classroom to create a more engaging and welcoming environment for your new students and help them learn about school policies and build confidence. Consider checking the school policy on classroom decorations before beginning a new position in a school. Here are a few tips and ideas followed by teachers to decorate their classrooms best CBSE schools in Chennai for 11th and 12th.

  • You can decorate your classroom without spending a lot of money. Teachers may choose to decorate their classrooms using their own money when school budgets are often insufficient to cover extravagant classroom decorations.
  • Teachers can use leftover items from previous teachers to cut down the decorating costs.
  • Reuse and recycle classroom supplies to reduce classroom clutter. Create classroom organizers with your students to display and store their completed work and projects.
  • Swap out the decorations to make them more appealing.
  • Avoid displaying student scores or grades on the board.
  • To make your classroom more attractive, you can ask your students for ideas and use their work to decorate your bare walls.
  • Change up your classroom decorations throughout the year to reflect the holiday season or your quarter’s theme. Teachers can use posters and decorations associated with the festival around the corner.
  • Technology can help you decorate your classroom, and you can use selfies to decorate your classroom door or wall or decorate hall passes and station labels.
  • When decorating your classroom, consider the Five Senses, including sound and touch. Bring in cookies, cultural foods, or other snacks to add variety to the classroom.
  • Decorate your classroom with memes, comics, or witty sayings, and place dry-erase polka dots on your desks.
  • Using chair satchels to hold student books or supplies in classrooms with limited desk space is possible. Students can decorate their satchels with different patterns and colors.
  • A classroom can be designed to accommodate a variety of learning styles and preferences.
  • Put a new spin on your classroom rules by creating amusing signs.

Wrap Up
A classroom environment that accommodates approximately 30 individuals with vastly different learning styles can be challenging. A study found that students benefit from classroom decorations and fresh air, but overly busy classroom decorations can hurt learning.

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