Airmattresses are good for your back

Do you think it’s possible to get a great night of sleep on an air mattress? If you naturally think it is not possible, then you likely have not spent much time on any of the top air mattresses being sold today. The fact is air beds are no longer just for one night sleepovers or camping trips. While there are excellent mattresses on the market for those occasions, there are many other options for air beds that could even replace the spring bed you sleep on every night!

If your mental image of an air bed is a very small mattress that sits down on the floor and gives little to not body support, wipe that away completely. There are air beds that are just as high from the ground as any other bed, and they can be even more comfortable. Instead of using hard metal coils and springs, the air mattress uses air chambers which can be adjusted to each sleeper’s individual firmness preference.

Sleep is essential for everyone. A lack of sleep can contribute to failing health and increased pain. The spine, in particular, greatly benefits from adequate sleep. The spine works hard all day supporting the body and its functions. A period of rest is essential to maintain this activity. An inadequate sleep surface, however, can make this impossible.

Why is mattress selection important?
What you sleep on makes a big difference in the quality of sleep you get every night. A mattress without enough support for your spine can lead to muscle fatigue and a poor night’s sleep. A good mattress maintains the same natural spinal alignment you have when standing. When your body is allowed to rest in its natural position, muscles are relaxed and sleep is more refreshing.

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