Air Mattresses

Air Mattresses have been gaining popularity very quickly as of late due to the ability to change the level of air in your mattress with a remote control. With many of these sophisticated new air mattresses you can change different sides of the bed to different levels of firmness or softness.

Memory Foam Mattresses
These beds as the name suggests, ‘memorizes’ your shape and adjusts to it accordingly. Memory foams reacts to the heat of your body by becoming soft. Within a few minutes, the heated areas become softer allowing that part of your body to sink. The greater the pressure impressed on the material, the more heat is absorbed and thereby the softer the area becomes.

Obviously when you are lying on your back, the areas where the buttocks and shoulders rest will become softer than the other areas making deeper imprints. It will be visible when your rise but after a few minutes it will come back to its original shape.

One thing to notice about this is that the effect is not instant, a few minutes will lapse before the material adjusts to the contours of your body as it absorbs heat. Changing positions will take another time for the mattress to adjust the softness of the heated areas.

Air Mattresses
The effects of these mattresses are easier to imagine. The air in the specific area where pressure is exerted will be displaced and be distributed to other areas. The effect will be the same, the shape of the surface will conform to the shape of your body with pressure as the basis.

Unlike memory foams where you have to wait awhile before the mattress adjusts to the contours of your body while air mattresses adjusts instantly.

The softness of air mattresses can be adjusted by the amount of air inside it. You can adjust the softness through a remote control device if one is provided. This could be very convenient because you can adjust it to your most comfortable level.

With so many choices all claiming to be the best air mattress, it is common to see why customers feel confused. To buy the best air mattress, you need to know about beds from the shopping basics to how the companies make, market and sell beds to you. The online shops of air mattresses will also give you information on the types of mattresses like foam, air and the popular latex beds. So read up on those articles, ask questions and find out which is the best air mattress for you. This way, you can be sure you will end up with the best air mattress and not regret it!

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