Is An On Ground Pool Better Than An In Ground Pool

If you are thinking about getting your very own swimming pool for your backyard, there are actually two choices for you. You need to choose whether you want an in ground pool or an on ground pool. Just like the two options, there are many reasons why one is better than the other. For this reason, this article will discuss about the benefits of each of these options.

There is really nothing comparable to splashing into a cool pool on a hot summer’s day. Not even going to the movies can give you the satisfying and refreshing experience of being lazy in your on ground or in ground pool. Aside from swimming, you can also host your very own barbecue around the pool area.

For many people, getting their very own on ground pool is just like having their dream home. This is why they make a crucial decision as to whether they would like an in ground or an on ground pool.

With regards to these two options, there are actually a lot of advantages and disadvantages to which one you choose. As compared to an in ground pool, choosing an on ground pool will be able to save you money, lots of money. As a matter of fact, it can cost ten times lesser than the other option. Aside from saving you money in purchasing the pool, an on ground pool will not cause a raise in your property taxes. For this reason, you are able to save more money.

An on ground pool is also easier to clean and maintain. For the same manner, it is less expensive as compared to an in ground pool. This is because an on ground pool is typically smaller than the other type of swimming pool. So if you choose an on ground pool, you are saving time, money, as well as your energy in cleaning out the pool.

The downfall to an on ground pool though is that they have a restriction with regards to their size. While the deepest end for in ground pools are normally around 6 feet, an on ground pool can only have up to 4 feet. As a result, on ground pools are not allowed to have slides, diving boards or the other accessories which in ground pools have. Aside from the height of the pool, there are also more options for the design and look of the in ground pool. You can even get the shape of the pool custom made so that it fits the look of your home.

But at the same time, this is the disadvantage of in ground pools. The larger the size of the pool is, the more you need for maintenance and chemicals. This is why it is more expensive to clean and maintain an in ground pool. If you are also planning to move out of your home, in ground pools may turn off potential homebuyers as there are safety hazards to their children. Meanwhile, there are also who find this a big plus.

After reading the advantages and disadvantages of both the in ground and on ground pool, you can now make the decision on which pool will better suit your budget. Always make it a point to decide for the safety of your whole family.

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